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The Healthy Baby Meal Planner

THE HEALTHY BABY MEAL PLANNER shows parents how to start their babies off to a lifetime of healthy and happy eating. Focusing on what foods are appropriate for each stage of a child’s development from infancy to age two, Karmel discusses the best first foods, how and when to introduce fruits, vegetables, and other solid foods, and how to create tempting dishes even for the fussiest of eaters.

Now fully revised and updated, THE HEALTHY BABY MEAL PLANNER includes:

  • New and improved recipes, with time-saving tips and a variety of serving suggestions for busy parents
  • Feeding tips for infants
  • Fun presenation ideas that make mealtimes exciting for toddlers
  • The latest information on food allergies and infant nutrition
  • Guidelines for preparing meals in advance, plus advice on freezing and reheating.

For parents who want to cultivate a wholesome diet and good taste in their kids, THE HEALTHY BABY MEAL PLANNER is the definitive resource, combining a wide variety of recipes and ingredients with common sense nutritional advice and an attractive, inviting format.

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