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Fussy Eaters’ Recipe Book

Mealtimes can often be a battleground between parents and kids. As a parent you want your child to have a healthy, nutritious and tasty diet, but persuading them it’s a good idea is a different matter! Annabel Karmel is here to convert even the fussiest of fussy eaters and make family meals fun again.

With 120 healthy recipes covering everything from breakfasts to suppers to parties, Annabel gives tips and advice on improving your children’s diet and encouraging new tastes. She suggests way of sneaking hidden vegetables into familiar foods such as quesadillas and focaccia pizzas, and offers a healthy take on fast-food favourites like chicken nuggets with dips and sticky barbecue ribs. There’s plenty to tempt children of all ages, including pork and peanut noodles, tuna melts, cupcakes and ice creams.

And for those children with food intolerances, there is a whole chapter of recipes covering dairyfree sauces, gluten-free pizzas and a wheat-free birthday cake. Annabel has a proven track record in creating delicious, nutritious food to tempt even the most stubborn of fussy eaters. Plus with general advice on how best to cope with fussyeating behaviours and improve mealtimes, this is more than just a recipe book – it will be the answer to many parents’ prayers!

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Suitable For

Toddlers & children

Chapters Include

ways to sneak hidden veg & fruit into meals, healthy versions of junk food favourites, simple, easy-to-prepare food for the whole family, healthy snack to tempt the fussiest of eaters, recipe for gluten-intolerant kids. Delicious, healthy home baked cookies and cakes

Added Features

top tips and advice

Included Recipes