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30th Anniversary Edition: New Complete Baby & Toddler Meal Planner

Annabel Karmel, the globally renowned baby and toddler food expert and ‘Queen of Weaning’, is celebrating her 30-year reign with a brand-new edition of her international bestseller Annabel Karmel’s New Complete Baby & Toddler Meal Planner.

This special extended edition includes the very latest nutritional advice, finger food guidance, and exclusive new recipes to help raise healthy, happy babies.

Trusted by parents and loved by little ones for over 30 years, Annabel Karmel’s New Complete Baby & Toddler Meal Planner is a publishing phenomenon that has been translated into more than 25 languages, sold more than 5 million copies worldwide, and continues to be in the Top 40 Non-fiction bestsellers week in week out.

“A mother who does not have at least one of her books in her kitchen should waste no time putting that right”
The Sunday Times

To celebrate three decades at the top of the charts, Annabel has refreshed and updated her parenting ‘bible’ with the very latest essential up-to-date advice for weaning and beyond, new delicious and healthy recipes, simple age and stage meal planners, and a handy pull-out guide to step-by-step weaning, to ensure parents are equipped and inspired to create tasty, nutritious meals from baby’s first tastes and beyond.

Inside you’ll find:

Over 200 quick, easy and nutritious recipes for weaning and beyond
• Essential nutritional advice for babies and toddlers
• Time-saving tips
• Easy-to-follow meal planners to help you shop and plan ahead
• Handy pull-out weaning chart


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Suitable For

Babies & Toddlers

Chapters Include

The best first foods for your baby, first-stage weaning, second stage weaning, nine to twelve months, toddlers

Added Features

Advice, meal planners, pull-out weaning guide

Included Recipes