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With a career spanning over 30 years, Annabel has become a bestselling international author & the UK’s No.1 food expert, pioneering the way families all over the world feed their babies and children.

Since launching with her revolutionary cookbook ‘The Complete Baby & Toddler Meal Planner’ in 1991 – a feeding ‘bible’ which has sold over 6 million copies and has become the 2nd best-selling non-fiction hardback of all time – Annabel has raised millions of families on her food.

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Aprons at the ready! Annabel’s new essential family cookbook is filled with fun, tasty & easy-to-make recipes to get the family cooking together.  Inside, you’ll find everything from Hidden Vegetable Bolognese to Teddy Bear Burgers, as well as nutritionally balanced…
  • Suitable fortoddlers, kids & families
  • Chapters include Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks & Treats
  • Added features step-by-step instructions, foodie facts, top cook-along tips & beautiful illustrations
When is my baby ready for first foods? Should I be doing baby-led weaning? What foods should I give my baby? How much and how often should I feed him? What are critical nutrients? How do I introduce them?  What…
  • Suitable forWeaning babies, baby-led weaning
  • Chapters IncludeWeaning basics, first tastes, recipes for second stage weaning, recipes for growing independence
  • Added FeaturesMeal planners, essential advice, practical tips and ideas
Annabel Karmel, the globally renowned baby and toddler food expert and ‘Queen of Weaning’, is celebrating her 30-year reign with a brand-new edition of her international bestseller Annabel Karmel’s New Complete Baby & Toddler Meal Planner. This special extended edition…
  • Suitable ForBabies & Toddlers
  • Chapters IncludeThe best first foods for your baby, first-stage weaning, second stage weaning, nine to twelve months, toddlers
  • Added FeaturesAdvice, meal planners, pull-out weaning guide
The UK’s No.1 children’s cookery author, Annabel Karmel, brings you a mouth-watering batch of never before seen recipes featuring delicious ingredients with serious nutritional credentials. This is an essential book for every modern parent. From Fifteen Minute Meals to Healthy…
  • Suitable forToddlers & Families
  • Chapters IncludeMeat-free & Vegan, 15 Minute Meals, Healthy 'Fast' Food, Holiday Cooking with Kids
  • Added FeaturesFruit & Veg Chart
Baby-led weaning has never been more popular, yet, as a new parent, you wonder if self-feeding over spoon-fed weaning is the best choice for you and your baby. Now, trusted feeding expert Annabel Karmel has come to the table with…
  • Suitable ForBabies & Toddlers
  • Chapters IncludeAdvice on BLW, Finger Foods at Six Months, Breakfast, Snacks, Vegetables, Pasta, Poultry, Fish, Meat, Sweet Things
  • Added FeaturesTips, advice and recipes
Hold on to all the special moments in your baby’s first year with this beautiful baby record book from the UK’s number 1 children’s cookery author, Annabel Karmel. New parents! Add photographs, map out your family tree, and write down…
    The ultimate fuss-free cookbook is here! Annabel knows what it’s like to juggle a busy life. In this book, you’ll find her brand new and foolproof recipes for delicious, healthy meals for all the family and for every day of…
    • Suitable ForFamily
    • Chapters Include20- minute recipes, 6- ingredient meal idea. Innovative ideas for lunchboxes and snacks, storecupboard, entertaining, sweets
    • Added Featurestips & advice on what to eat and avoid
    A definitive guide to weaning your baby, from the UK’s No.1 baby and child nutritionist, Annabel Karmel With her years of expertise and personal experience, bestselling author Annabel Karmel guides you through every aspect of weaning your baby. Starting at…
    • Suitable ForBabies & toddlers
    • Chapters Includeunderstanding weaning, first tastes, exploring new tastes and textures, creating a varied diet
    • Added Featuresmenu planners, input from the 'Weaning Club'
    Have fun together in the kitchen and get your child eating healthier, without them even noticing, with Annabel Karmel From tomatoes and sweetcorn to strawberries and yogurt, take 10 top ingredients and find out how they are grown or made;…
    • Suitable ForToddlers & children
    • Chapters IncludeAnnabel shows you how to transform tasty basic ingredients into delicious dinners and mouth-watering snacks
    • Added Featuresstep by step cooking instructions, facts about ingredients and top tips
    Every mum-to-be wants to know that she’s eating the right things for herself and her baby. Nutrition is vital during pregnancy, and there’s a huge amount of conflicting advice out there. For the first time, child nutrition expert Annabel Karmel…
    • Suitable ForPregnancy
    • Chapters Includeover 90 recipes, tips & advice on optimsing intake of of vitamins and mineral, informaiton on which foods to avoid, ideas for countering morning sickness, sleeplessness, anaemia and heartburn, suggestions for m eals to make ahead and freeze ready for when you have your baby!
    • Added Featurestips & advice on what to eat and avoid
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