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Supertato, Veggies in the Valley of Doom

Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet are back with the next instalment in the best selling Supertato series and it is great!

Your little ones will love helping our superhero find the veggies as they play hide-and-seek. But during the game, the veggies find something else, a treasure map! And an epic adventure through some of the scarier parts of the supermarket begins. We meet some prickly characters in the Valley of Doom and Cactus Canyon, and let’s not forget about Evil Pea! 

As with the rest of the series, Supertato, Veggies in the Valley of Doom, will have your little ones gripped, the grown-ups chuckling  (“OH, ALL RIGHT,” snapped the pea), and everyone enjoying a happy ending. Even the littlest readers will love the vibrant and creative illustrations, making this a great book to use when practising vocabulary and object recognition.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Age Range: 1 year +

Price: £6.99

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