Not everyone writes a plan but this is an opportunity to detail what you would like to happen during labour and birth.

Your plan should detail things that would make your birth experience as positive as possible and could include; who you would like with you; your preferred pain relief, background music and who might cut the cord.

If you are booked in for a caesarean you may have a more medicalised birth but you can still give some thought to what might make it personal; whether you would like your baby (or babies) cleaned up before they are passed to you or handed straight over; if you want photos taken or if you would like your voice to be the first that baby hears.

Once you have yours perfected, pop a copy in your hospital bag and perhaps give a copy to your birthing partner in case you end up at the hospital when you weren’t quite expecting it.

The act of writing a plan can help to prepare you for what is to come, but remember that birth is unpredictable and ultimately you and your medical team will prioritise the health of you and your baby – so that might mean you don’t actually get to listed to that fine-tuned playlist or light those scented candles. Sorry!

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