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Work & Career

All pregnant women are entitled to 52 weeks maternity leave, which can start any time from 11 weeks before the beginning of the week that your baby, or babies, are due (unfortunately you do not get more time off for being a multiple mum). Many mums work for as long as possible before the birth so that they can maximise the amount of time spent with baby afterwards.

You could not have forecasted on your last day of work what you might be feeling when it is time to return. Some jobs offer staying in touch days, where you can pop in for a half day or so before you come back ‘proper’. These bridge days can be useful to refresh and catch up with colleagues.

The extent to which your role can flex to accommodate your new duties as a mum will vary according to your industry and your boss. Returning to work after the birth of a baby can be tough so be kind to yourself and utilise all the support channels available to you.

For some mums pregnancy is a window of reflection that prompts a change of career. Sometimes a change is necessary due to the challenges associated with affordable childcare. Remember that in the midst of babies and business you need to ensure you are signing up for a work life balance that works for you and your new job as a mum.

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