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Reading to your toddler: 1 to 3 years

Reading to your toddler can be funny, soothing and tricky, This is a rapid time for growth and development and their new found independence can lead to a change in your reading style.


Reading to your Toddler 12 to 18 months:

Many toddlers are starting to walk and at this stage they may be keen to select the books they want to read. They may be able to point to objects in the book when you name them. Cardboard books are still advisable as books with paper pages are easily ripped by little hands!

Reading to your toddler 18 to 24 months:

Many toddlers will begin to play imaginatively at this age. You may even find your toddler “reading” to their toys. As your toddler begins to follow simple instructions you can ask them to ‘choose a book’ and ‘turn the page’. This will help to engage them more in the activity. Point to objects in the books and ask your toddler ‘What’s this?’. Give them time to answer and practice the words.

Reading to your toddler 2 to 3 years:

Be prepared, reading to your toddler at this stage can get repetitive. It’s great to see them pick out their favourite stories or characters but you may end up reciting those stories in your sleep! Find new questions to ask them about the same book. You can work on colours, body parts and objects and related them back to your home. If your toddler is familiar with a rhyme in a book, try getting it wrong, or missing a word and let them help correct you.

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