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Kerry Secker, paediatric sleep consultant

Kerry is a paediatric sleep consultant and former Nanny with over 20 years’ experience in supporting and advising families with sleep. She is also the founder of her unique Care It Out® sleep approach.

She’s on a mission to get parents a settle night’s sleep without tears or sleep training techniques.

Kerry focuses on the fact that all families and children are unique and there isn’t a quick fix or one size fits all solution when it comes to children’s sleep. There is always a biological reason and sleep science behind bedtime behaviour, and a caring way forward.

She’s also passionate about having realistic sleep expectations and that sleep doesn’t need fixing; issues are only an issue if they are one for your family.

As well as running her popular Care It Out® sleep sessions across the UK, Kerry has launched an Ecourse, and you can also download her free video to get you started.

Also follow Kerry on Facebook and Instagram.

Kerry Secker's articles:

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