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You’ve got enough milk

You've got enough milk | Annabel Karmel

If your baby is gaining weight and has plenty of wet nappies you DO have a great milk supply.

The following do NOT indicate a low milk supply:

  1. Baby nurses frequently.
  2. Baby is suddenly feeding more frequently, sometimes during evening times. Baby is fussy after evening nursing.
  3. Baby wakes up frequently in the night to feed. Baby does not nurse as long as before.
  4. Your breast feels softer.
  5. Your breast leak less or not anymore.
  6. You don’t feel a great let down or have not felt one before. All these reasons do NOT stem from low milk supply.
  7. It is perfectly normal for an exclusively breastfed baby to feed often, have periods of the day to do so, or times during growth spurts to increase feeds. But that has nothing to do with a low milk supply.
  8. The only indicator of a low milk supply is baby NOT gaining enough weight or not enough wet or poopy nappies. So keep calm and latch on!

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