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Mums share their baby-led weaning stories

With baby-led weaning focusing on letting baby take charge of their own food experience, and with so many families feeling pressured to choose one method or another, we hear from three real mums who share their experience and weaning wisdom!

Rachel from Mumma Hub

Weaning is one of those things that I started to think about way before the six-month mark, It’s a big deal; you want to get it right, you want a healthy baby with a healthy appetite. I have three children and have taken a different approach with each of them…read more

Kayley from Friendly First Foods

When I was pregnant with Harry I had all these grand ideas of what kind of parent I would be and what our feeding journey would look like. What I didn’t count on was Harry having his own ideas about this and that, as parents, we would end up following his lead, rather than the other way around. None of our plans came out exactly as we had hoped…read more

Nicola from Mummy To Dex

We started our baby led weaning journey at six months. I could lie and say it wasn’t the scariest period of my life, but aside from those first few days of Dexter’s existence, it really was. It was important to me to start with something that was soft; I really didn’t want to dive in with a full roast dinner or something equally as complex to begin with…read more

Annabel’s new Baby-Led Weaning Recipe Book gives you the tools and inspiration to incorporate baby-led weaning into your baby’s routine. This book can be used on its own for exclusive baby-led weaning. Or it can be used as a companion cookbook to Annabel’s original feeding guide, the New Complete Baby & Toddler Meal Planner, which is filled with her popular puree recipes.

As well as being packed with useful advice and top tips, the book is filled with 120 recipes which the whole family can enjoy together – from breakfast and snacks, to vegetables, poultry, fish, meat and more.

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