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Baby finger foods

Finger foods are a fun way to encourage co-ordination and develop the skills necessary to bite, chew and self-feed. Finger foods need to be easy to pick up and hold and free from pips, stones or bones.

Once baby can pick things up with reasonable hand to eye coordination the fun can begin! Let them experiment with soft finger foods like banana or peach that can be ‘gummed’ to a suitable consistency. The more your baby experiments with finger foods the quicker she will become proficient at feeding herself.

Choking hazards

Just because your baby has teeth doesn’t mean that she knows how to chew. Sometimes babies can bite off a piece of food, try to swallow it whole and choke on it, so never leave your child alone while eating. Some may store food in their mouth a la hamsters so always check that they have swallowed everything before leaving the room.

Annabel’s top finger food ideas

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