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Family play – the ultimate bonding experience

The past year has taught us all how important family is.  As we move towards happier times, let us use family play as a bonding experience to create great memories for our children. Here are a few play tips to help get the most of out of quality time with your family!

Get creative!

Whether it’s getting messy with a set of paints and creating fridge masterpieces together, decorating cupcakes or painting pasta shells to making costume jewellery, these are all ideal opportunities to bond as a family.  Edx Education’s Rainbow Pebbles, Junior GeoStixs, FunPlay Construction Cubes and their Learning at Home Kits are perfect for getting creative. Siblings and parents can work together to create pictures, patterns and models, discussing ideas and processes along the way, while also learning early maths and engineering skills.

Get cooking!

Preparing food as a family is one of the best bonding experiences out there!  We can all look back and remember a heart-warming moment in the kitchen, whether it was baking a cake with mum, a messy food fight with dad, or sharing the remnants of the mixing bowl with your siblings, these are all memories that last a lifetime and help define who we are as a family.

Cooking should be fun, so why not create games as you go to keep kids engaged – ask them to name all the vegetables they know that are green, or get them to create pictures on a pizza with the ingredients, or how about getting them to guesstimate how much something is going to weigh before putting it on the scales, with the nearest guess winning a prize?

Cook these recipes together as a family

Get motivated!

Positive energy around the things that a child enjoys will make life easier for all. In the early stage of motivating your children, one of the most important things is following the lead of their interests whether it’s cars, books, blocks, colours, shapes, the garden or dinosaurs… So, take the time to watch your child play as this is where the adventure begins.

Get prepared!

Planning and preparing activities ahead of time means you can spend more quality moments with your children.  And when children are not in the mood to play independently, why not set up simple play activities. For example, you could set up animals ‘in a jungle’ to complement a book you are reading, then talk to them about the story, prompting them to use their imagination. It may be child’s play, but simple ideas can have a ripple effect on young imaginations.


Get communicating!

Whether talking to your kids about their school day, having conversations at the family dinner table, or setting up a fun activity and prompting their play with open-ended questions, this is all valuable time together and is great for teaching communication skills. Reading a book before bed is also wonderful: it helps to develop speech and language, makes them curious and gives parents and caregivers time to connect with their child. Instilling a readiness to talk will hold your children in good stead for life – it’s always good to talk!

Learning through play with Edx Education

From early childhood active play toys, to arts & crafts activities and maths and classroom guides, Edx Education’s innovative toys and essential resources provide children with a fun and engaging way to learn.

Play has endless opportunities to make learning FUN! For more ideas and inspiration, including free downloadable activities, visit Edx Education’s play blog here.

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