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Comfort feeding

“Baby is only suckling for comfort”, “that’s not good”, “take baby off so you are not the only one to sooth baby”, “you are a human pacifier”, “you will be stuck with this forever, “it is a terrible habit’: “use a dummy for that’:…

Haven’t we all heard things like this from others?! And it probably made us question whether or not we are doing it right.  Actually, allowing your baby to comfort suckle is very good and the best thing you can do! Here are reasons why:


  • Babies go to the breast for many reasons. They’re hungry or thirsty, they’re tired, they’re scared or hurt, they’re feeling overwhelmed. All of these are equally valid reasons for a baby to nurse.


  • If we are putting arbitrary limits on breastfeeding it is made much more difficult. It is already hard for a new mama to learn about breastfeeding, what is normal and what is not. Don’t listen to advice like this, your baby needs you for all the reasons above and that is natural.


  • Comments like this are based on old schedules about feeding and are not valid.


  • It is important to nurse frequently for all these reasons and mostly to establish good milk supply in the early days.


  • Overfeeding your baby like this is a myth, breastfed babies are in control of how much milk they take in, so not every time they nurse will be a full feed.


  • You are not spoiling your baby! By responding to baby’s needs quickly, consistently and with love, we teach them that their world is a safe place.


  • When baby grows up, nursing will become less frequent so enjoy this closeness while it lasts. It has so many benefits for you and baby.


  • Find your own routine and what works for you and your baby. Don’t let yourself be influenced by others. I know this is hard to do. I often question what others have told me but then I do my own personal research and try and find my own routine, I am being rewarded for it when it works out for me.


  • Families and friends can be so valuable and important when becoming a new mum but this is also your OWN journey, so stand up for yourself and do what is right for you.


Visit @milkmakingmama for more advice and support.

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