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Children’s parties

Children’s parties have the potential to be hard work! Being on parent duty to an over excited party prince or princess, playing host and organising all the games is deceptively difficult and time consuming. With little time on your hands, make preparing the food as easy as possible.

Food on a stick is still a popular choice and a little twist on an old-school favourite can have a real wow factor, from Sausage Rockets to Mini Muffin Mice.

Party Recipes:

You could make helping with the food part of the party. Children love hands-on activities and baking, building and decorating party food will keep them entertained. Depending how brave you are feeling (and what your tidy tolerance is!) you could try decorating cupcakes, cutting out cookies or making pizzas with pizzazz.

Picking a theme and fitting the food to it where possible is a great way to make a statement. You’ll need to tailor your party to the age of your guests but it doesn’t matter if they are tots or teens. Forward planning will help you enjoy the day too.

With such a fabulous foodie spread your birthday party is sure to be a hit, you might even consider throwing a bash for other celebrations! Encouraging your children to make invitations and decorations for seasonal shindigs, will give you all a fun project in the days leading up to the event, and while away some rainy days too. Livening up a play date with some creative cooking and crafts is sure to earn you brownie points with your children, and their friends too!

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