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Are endless breastfeeding sessions normal

Are endless breastfeeding sessions normal by Annabel Karmel

When my second daughter was born, she crawled to my breast and didn’t leave it for approximately three months straight. My husband sometimes only got to see the back of her head. She broke all records on how long a baby can stay on the breast.

These endless nursing sessions left me questioning if this is “normal”.

Rest assured, endless nursing sessions – as time consuming and exhausting as it may be – are pure milk supply gold! During the early days some babies barely ever leave the breast which helps to stimulate your breast and leads to your milk coming in.

The urge to suckle is very strong in babies. Not only is it the ultimate comfort but it also really gets the right hormones flowing for a great milk supply. There is nothing wrong with letting your baby suckle for comfort. On the contrary, it will build up a great and steady milk supply.

These endless sessions are time-consuming. I found that distractions and finding practical solutions whilst having a toddler around, the key to not feeling overwhelmed.

Here are some of my top tips:

  • Nursing in a sling: to start this off try and master laid back nursing at first so baby gets used to latching on in such position. Baby will then take to nursing in a sling easier. Walk around in the carrier or sling, it will empower you to still go to places whilst giving baby the opportunity to nurse for as long as needed.
  • At home I had a nursing station with everything I needed. Snacks, water bottle, phone, TV or a book and other distractions.
  • For my toddler, I had a little box of toys she could play with whilst I sat down nursing. Try and focus on non-messy toys. We had a doctor’s case or a wooden puzzle that we could play with together. And “the virtual nanny” aka TV was helpful as well when we hit the witching hour where my baby would need a lot more attention.
  • I know these nursing sessions can leave you questioning why baby doesn’t come off the breast at all. You may feel like it is a lack of milk but trust me and repeat after me: “If you are nursing around the clock on baby’s feeding cues with a correct latch, you are making the perfect amount of milk for your baby’s needs. Long feeding sessions do NOT indicate anything wrong with your supply but are the way baby likes to feed at this point in time. And it will get better! Hang in there and get comfy.

Visit @milkmakingmama for more advice and support.

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