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Breastfeeding multiples

As a multiple mum you probably had a hospital birth and that is the best place to learn how to feed your babies. It is possible to breastfeed multiples and staff will show you some positions that might work for you.

Tandem feeding

This takes practice but once you all get the hang of it is the most time and cost-efficient way to feed and involves latching both babies on simultaneously. Hold one baby under each arm and guide their mouths to your nipples. If one baby is smaller you might like to swap breasts at each feed to ensure that both build up an adequate supply.

Feeding your multiples one by one will take longer than staggered feeds but may be easier to master and give you precious one to one time with each baby.

Some mums like to feed on demand but with more than one mouth to feed you run the risk of constantly having at least one hungry baby to tend to, and you need to care for yourself too. If your babies were premature, they may choose sleeping over feeding in the early days in which case you will need to wake them regularly to ensure they grow bigger and stronger.


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