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Today marks the beginning of an exciting journey. Breastfeeding is an amazing choice, not only for your child but for yourself. It is a task to master but right now just enjoy this little bundle of joy that you have been longing for, for nine long months. Recover from giving birth and soak up all the skin-to-skin with your newborn. During the first 24 hours, closeness and skin-to-skin contact is the key to a successful start into your breastfeeding journey.

Here is a little reminder of what is normal for baby during the very first 48hrs on this planet.

  • Not all babies are born hungry, some babies prefer to have a little feed only and then fall asleep. Babies do however love to have skin-to-skin, keeping baby close with skin-to-skin contact is the best way for baby to latch on whenever needed. Direct skin contact also helps baby stay nice and warm – so snuggle up!
  • During the very first night, baby might also sleep a lot and feed occasionally. Every baby is different so offering the breast on babies feeding cues and demand is the key.
  • It is completely normal to feed around the clock, babies have tiny tummies and need to top up frequently.
  • The second night might be full of cluster-feeding. Starting in the evening, many newborns like to camp out at the breast for hours and hours. Get comfortable and try out nursing positions that offer some rest for you like laid-back nursing.
  • Working on a good latch and attachment is crucial to get off to the right start and to get your breasts used to the frequency of feeds to come. Making sure that if you feel pain, unlatch and try again for a deeper latch.
  • Get help early from trained staff in the hospital if you have any breastfeeding concerns or reach out if you have questions.
  • Congratulations on your new arrival, mama! For now, just relax, soak up every inch of your baby and welcome to motherhood. You have done so well!

Visit @milkmakingmama for more advice and support.

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