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Managing a diastasis postpartum

The natural separation of the abdominal muscles during pregnancy can improve naturally within the first 6-12 weeks after childbirth, particularly with rest and being mindful … Continued

Breastmilk storage

Here is the most important information on storing pumped breastmilk correctly. Use sterilised equipment whilst pumping and to store your milk in. I would recommend … Continued


A lot of mamas start pumping for many reasons, sometimes even just to see how much they would produce and are in shock when there … Continued

Comfort feeding

Actually, allowing your baby to comfort suckle is very good and the best thing you can do! Here are reasons why:

Finding a pumping routine

First and foremost, you don’t have to pump if you are exclusively breastfeeding your baby on demand. Pumping can be a great tool to build … Continued

Breastfeeding cues

Breastfeeding a baby whenever they are ready for some milk makes for great milk supply and a happy baby. Here are the most important feeding … Continued

Understanding diastasis recti

Recently there has been a lot of noise around Diastasis Recti and for good reason. During pregnancy the uterus naturally stretches causing the rectus abdominis … Continued