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Annabel proudly presents a brand-new collection of recipes featuring the wholesome goodness of Green Giant sweetcorn.

From those first exploratory bites to delightful family feasts, our specially crafted recipes cater to every stage of your child’s growth and palate development.

Bursting with vibrant flavours, essential nutrients, and the unmistakable freshness of Green Giant sweetcorn, these dishes are designed to ignite a lifelong love for delicious, nourishing food.

Whether you’re a parent looking to introduce your little one to the world of solids or a family seeking delightful mealtime experiences, join us in discovering the magic that Green Giant sweetcorn brings to the table.

A ‘Slice of Fun’ Sweetcorn Rosti Pizza

A pizza with a twist! Kids love pizza so why not try this unique take on the classic kids favourite. Combining the crispy goodness of a rosti crust with the sweetness and crunch of Sweetcorn, all topped with oozy meted cheese, it’s any pizza lovers’ dream come true! Post Views: 1,675

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‘Knock Your Socks Off’ Sweetcorn & Veggie Gnocchi

Gnocchi is a go-to when it comes to speedy mid-week meals and in just 15 minutes the whole family can enjoy this ‘knock your socks off’ gnocchi! Post Views: 1,108

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Super-duper Rice Salad with Ham & Sweetcorn

Child-friendly salad incoming! With the most delicious dressing, vibrant veggies, succulent ham, and the irresistible sweetness of  Sweetcorn, this super-duper salad offers a variety of flavours and textures. It’s perfect for picnics and packed lunches and a great way to sneak in some nutritious ingredients whist keeping taste buds happy. Post Views: 549

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Starry-eyed Sweetcorn & Squash Stars

Introducing Annabel’s super tasty sweetcorn and squash stars – a seriously fun (and nutritious) recipe for kids. These adorable star-shaped treats are packed with all the goodness of  Sweetcorn and butternut squash, offering a tasty and healthy option for lunch, dinner or snack attacks! So, get ready to make mealtimes exciting with these delightful bites! Post Views: 6,736

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Crispy Chicken & Sweetcorn Croquettes

These mini crispy chicken croquettes are a fab finger food for babies and toddlers. Using leftover mashed potato and chicken means these ‘cheat’s’ croquettes are ready in just 15 minutes! Post Views: 8,307

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One-Pot Chicken & Creamed Sweetcorn Casserole

Get ready to indulge in the ultimate comforting and flavour-packed dish with Annabel’s one-pot chicken and creamed sweetcorn casserole. What’s more, it’s all cooked in one pot, which means maximum ‘mmm’ and minimal clean-up! Post Views: 1,604

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