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50 Sandwich Fillers To Try Before You’re 10

Did you know that three quarters of households still rely on the trusty loaf for prepping packed lunches?  What’s more, over a quarter (26%) of parents prepare their child’s favourite food at least four times a week*.

Whilst filling them up on their favourite sandwich fillings keeps the packed lunch peace (and saves your sanity), limiting the number of tastes and flavours you give them could pave the way for future fussy eating says the UK’s No.1 children’s cookery author, Annabel Karmel.

That’s why the nation’s favourite kids food guru has teamed up with leading bakers Warburtons to share the 50 sandwich fillers to try before they turn 10.

If your child is a stickler for a sarnie, try combining at least three different ingredient groups from the list together to make a variety of combos. There’s no right or wrong, so don’t be afraid to get a little adventurous!

*Survey Monkey Research among 3,091 UK parents with children aged 0-15 (28.07.17 to 07.08.17)

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