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How do I know my baby is ready? What foods should I be giving them? Do I opt for a baby-led or spoon-led method? What do I need to know about baby allergies? These questions (and many more) run through parents’ heads as they approach the major milestone of weaning their baby.

And nowadays, there is so much information and conflicting advice available, it’s natural to feel apprehensive before you’ve even dabbled with those first foods.

So to help make this milestone more manageable, Annabel designed her Digital Weaning Course to house all the practical help you need. Whether you’re prepping for weaning in the coming weeks or months, or you’ve just got started to wean your baby and want some support, here are 5 reasons to take our go-to online course:

Top 5 reasons to take our go-to Digital Weaning Course

1. All the info you need… in one place

Spend less time searching google and more time learning! Our Digital Weaning Course has everything you need to know about your baby’s food journey, including first tastes and finger foods, choking and gagging, vegetarian and vegan nutrition, food refusal, critical nutrients, and tips on weaning with allergies.

To ensure we’ve packed it with the most up to date advice, we’ve worked with the Early Years Nutrition Partnership and their expert team of registered dietitians and nutritionists to give it their stamp of approval. And, if you have any questions as you work your way through the course, our dedicated team are on hand to offer their expert guidance.

2. Easy-listening bite-sized tutorials

We’ve made it oh so easy to navigate your way through the course; made up of six audio tutorials, in each you’ll find a series of bite-sized chapters designed to guide you through your baby’s food journey step by step.

Simple to follow, each course segment lasts no longer than five minutes and each tutorial also includes key summary points in case you want to refer back at any time.

3. Learning is on your time

You can work through the course at your leisure and revisit the content as many times as you like. Which means you can pick-up when baby naps, drop-in during feeds, or power through if you have a few hours to yourself!

And remember, there is no time limit to finish the course. It’s designed to be flexible to fit around you and your baby.

4. Useful downloads

We’ve got lots of added extras for you to take away including a batch of tips, tables, charts and reference lists. From nutrient dense foods and foods to avoid check lists, a handy finger food size guide, healthy snack pairings and a combining milk feeds planner; simply save to your mobile or print out and stick on your fridge door!

Annabel has also created suggested meal planners and cooked-up 100 new nutritious weaning recipes for every stage of your journey.

5. Expert videos Q&As

Our short ‘how-to’ tip-based videos with Annabel are great if you fancy watching whilst learning. She will take you through the importance of iron and omega 3s (with tasty recipe suggestions too) as well as introducing finger foods and tips to adding texture to your baby’s food, to name a few.

And don’t miss our allergy Q&As with experts Consultant Paediatric Allergist Professor Adam Fox and Specialist Paediatric Allergy Dietitian, Rachel de Boer who talk through the most common food allergies, answer your most common questions and offer clever food substitutes for weaning babies with a food allergy.