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1.Prepare healthy meals for mums to be that retain optimal nutrients for crucial foetal development

We all know that overcooking veggies can rob them of the best of their nutrients and vitamins but how long is too long? Also, how easy is it to get distracted and leave food on the hob that bit longer than planned?

The Nutribaby’s core function as a steamer, with its automatic timer, allows every ingredient to be cooked for just the right amount of time in order to retain essential nutrients. Not only that but the added cooking juice collector ensures that little or no nutrients and vitamins are wasted from the steaming process and can be used again for soups, purées and smoothies. So that’s one less thing to worry about. Mums-to-be can start using their Nutribaby(+) right from the early stages of pregnancy to maximise their own nutrient intake, looking after your growing baby before you even know whether it’s a boy or girl!


2. Homemade meals for the WHOLE family can be achieved with ease for even the busiest parents. 

Sometimes when you’re in the midst of weaning you can feel like there just aren’t enough pots, pans and utensils in your life to create beautiful purees and feed the rest of your family at the same time. The Nutribaby(+) has multiple-prep functions meaning multiple meals can be prepared for one meal time and with far less work than you would expect from conventional cooking methods. All you need to do is to select your functions, set the correct times and let the Nutribaby(+) do the rest. Once everyone is fed, no matter who gets lumbered with the washing up, cleaning your Nutribaby(+) unit couldn’t be easier. The steaming baskets, trays and the blending blade are all easily removable and all dishwasher safe


3. The 5-in-1 function allows parents to prepare meals with all the benefits of multiple weaning methods.

Unsure whether to try spoon-fed or baby-led weaning? There is no ‘right or wrong way’ and for many parents and babies a combination of the two works best. A device like the  Nutribaby(+) which has multi-functions such as a dual steamer and blender will support you in trying baby on both solid foods and purees.

Introducing your baby to soft chunks of steamed veg will encourage them to start chewing which they will instinctively do right from the earliest stages of weaning. This will promote development of the strength and coordination of their lips, tongue and jaw which long-term will support speech development and word formation. Using the integrated blender, you can create homemade, fresh purees feeling 100% confident that you know exactly what you are feeding your baby.


4. Engage your baby with family meal times, encouraging long-term participation and discouraging fussy eating.

Allowing your baby to explore food themselves in the company of everybody around the table will encourage them to participate in family meal times and to be comfortable eating a variety of foods from early on. The introduction of home-cooked meals into your baby’s weaning routine will not go unnoticed and from an early age your child will develop a positive attitude towards wholesome cooking and eating.


5.   Ensure your baby gets a varied and well-balanced diet early on.

In early childhood, eating habits and tastes are formed for life. Babies grow more rapidly in their first year than at any other time and you have this window of opportunity between 6 and 12 months where you can develop your baby’s taste buds. This is the time to introduce an array of different flavours and textures.

Meat (iron rich foods), chicken and fish are an important part of your baby’s journey in the first year. You will need to start mashing and chopping up food early on to get them in the habit of chewing. If you bring your child up on a variety of fresh foods from the start, the transition to family meals will be much easier. Miss this crucial time and your child might join the ranks of picky eaters. 

In  sight of National Weaning Week with the help of the Nutribaby(+), Babymoov aim to educate new parents about the options when it comes to weaning their baby, giving them the best start in life and better equipping them to do so. With the growing demand for more cost and time effective ways to lead a healthy lifestyle, the  Nutribaby(+) is designed to develop good eating habits and a healthy attitude to food right from the early stages of life.

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