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Looking for some fresh and tasty ideas for cooking with our favourite Summer ingredient Piccolo Cherry Tomatoes? Look no further than these 10 delicious cherry tomato recipes!

From savory main dishes like Chicken & Piccolo Tomato Orzo to kid-friendly snacks like our tomato hummus or Frittata muffins, there’s something for everyone in this collection. We’ve even included a recipe for Roasted Tomato Sauce that’s perfect for baby’s first tastes. With the versatility and flavor of Piccolo tomatoes, these recipes are sure to become new family favorites. So grab some Piccolo tomatoes and get ready to cook up a storm with these 10 delicious recipes!

Veggie Packed Frittata Muffins 4-ways

These frittata muffins are so simple to make and very versatile, making them the ideal recipe for using up leftovers. Choose from Chicken, Tomato, Spinach and Spring Onion, or Tuna, Sweetcorn, Tomato and Broccoli, perhaps Potato, Pea, Tomato and Cheese is more to your little one’s taste, or you could pack in the Omega-3’s with the Salmon, Cheddar, Tomato and Basil version… or even better make up your own concoction!

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Chicken, Tomato & Coconut curry

This dish will no doubt spice up your baby’s life as well as stave off fussy eating in the longrun! It’s been shown time and time again that introducing new foods between 6 and 12 months will help to set your little one up with a healthy and adventurous appetite for life.

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Buttermilk Corn Fritters

Chicken, Tomato & Corn Fritters

You won’t want to fritter away any more time not making these delicious chicken, sweetcorn and tomato buttermilk fritters. This is the perfect quick and easy meal to use up that leftover roast chicken from the weekend!

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One-Pan Orzo with Cherry Tomatoes & Eggs

One-Pan Orzo with Cherry Tomatoes & Eggs

One-Pan Orzo with Cherry Tomatoes & Eggs is a quick, easy & delicious recipe to share with your family. Orzo is a really lovely pasta shape, and tastes so good with deliciously juicy Piccolo cherry tomatoes and eggs nestled in.

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