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Recipes for every age, stage and occasions.


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Our products make life a little easier when it comes to feeding your family. From our Organic Baby Purees, to our award-winning nutritionally balanced kids food ranges.

Award-winning Frozen Meals for Toddlers & Kids 

Prepared, cooked and frozen at the peak of freshness, Annabel’s newly refreshed recipes lock-in that all-important natural goodness and count towards their 5-a-day. Ready in under 5 ½ minutes, it’s now even easier to serve-up a tasty and balanced meals in a flash, straight from your freezer.

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Celebrate the Platinum Jubilee with my Royal Recipes

Celebrate the Queen’s jubilee and enjoy these royally tasty treats, so good they’re fit for a Queen ( or king)! Get your hands on the Crown Jewel (cookies), tuck into the regal Jewelled Cupcakes, and treat your little princess to a delicious Princess Wand – these recipes are real gems for the whole family to

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Quick & Nutritious Recipes for Baby & Toddler

The possibilities of what to do with Piccolo Cherry Tomatoes are endless, they’re almost tomatoo good to be true – especially when it comes to weaning your little one! Piccolos are rich in Vitamins E, C and K, as well as being a valuable source of the antioxidant lycopene – and not to mention seriously

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