Lovely Rice Pudding


Rice pudding is a good baby food recipe if you add some cooked fruit like stewed plums or stir in a little strawberry jam or golden syrup. Alternatively add some chopped dried fruits instead like dried apricots or semi-dried mango, which can be cooked together with the rice. This is a quicker version of making rice pudding, cooking it on the stove rather than in an oven.

Rice Pudding
2 minutes
35 minutes
Best for
6 portions
Suitable for freezing


  • 50g (2 oz) pudding rice
  • 1 pint milk (approx 570 ml)
  • 1 - 2 tbsp caster sugar
  • 1 vanilla pod or ½ tsp vanilla essence

Conversion chart


  1. Put the rice, milk and sugar in a heavy bottomed saucepan.
  2. Split the vanilla pod, if usng, and scrape the seeds into the pan, or add the vanilla essence.
  3. Bring to the boil, then reduce the heat, cover with a lid and simmer for 30 – 35 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  4. Mix with fruit or a topping of your choice such as strawberry jam or fruit puree.


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  • Can I use baby formula milk to make this pudding? My son is off his milk so this may help get some more in him. Thanks

    07 Jun 2016

  • can this be reheated Or should I serve it cold once defrosted?

    11 May 2016

  • Hi Mra, this recipe uses raw pudding rice which is then boiled for 30 - 35 minutes. As mentioned below regular vanilla essence will be fine when cooking and 1 pint is around 570ml so you’re right it is slightly less that stated in the original recipe. We’ll update that now. Thanks!

    Annabel Karmel
    05 Jan 2016

  • Pure vanilla extract is fine to use. It’s only a tiny amount and any alcohol is burned off during cooking.

    Annabel Karmel
    05 Jan 2016

  • Can I use pure vanilla extract, which contains alcohol. I wouldn’t think so, or does the boiling kill off the alcohol. Does anybody know?

    29 Dec 2015

  • Are you supposed to use already cooked rice or raw?
    The vanilla essence, that’s the non-alcoholic version, right?
    The recipe calls for 1 pint equaling 600 ml, that’s wrong and I ended putting too much milk. 1 pint is actually 480 ml

    24 Dec 2015

  • To answer some previous questions:
    - you can leave out the sugar, its still yummy
    - babies are allowed to have cows milk in cooking/with cereal etc from 6 months, but not as a main drink. This is because it’s not nutritionally complete as a drink, not for allergy related reasons
    - pudding rice is a bit like risotto rice so you could try substituting that if you can’t find pudding rice

    01 Dec 2015

  • Hello, as far as I understand it cows milk is fine when used in cooking but shouldn’t be used as a drink until after 12 months as it can fill the belly and baby may not then have enough room for breast milk/bottle, which have far more nutrients in them.

    Can somebody please post at which point in the method to freeze this and how to re-heat, I thought cooked rice wasn’t good for freezing/re-heating…?

    08 Oct 2015

  • What milk I need to use / baby milk or cow milk

    29 Aug 2015

  • Isn’t cow milk forbidden to babies before 12 months?

    11 Jun 2015

  • Really yummy for my 9 month old however would possible add less milk as it did keep boiling over

    11 Jan 2014

  • what kind of rice is it

    11 Aug 2011

  • hi just wanted to know do you use normal rice im from australia and it say pudding rice i cant fine it any where thank you for helping

    11 Aug 2011

  • This was a really simple recipe, but delicious my lo loves it, especially with fresh strawberries :-)

    19 May 2011

  • I make rice pudding if any one wants to know with 2oz of rice with a pint of whole milk and some nutmeg.  I freeze it all then add fruit to it, this sweetens it so you dont need sugar, my little girl is 9 months and has been eating it for months

    02 Sep 2010

  • I made this for my nine month old son who was not great at lumps. I had to blitz half of the recipe to make it less lumpy. Good taste and quite easy to make although the milk in the pan kept boiling over.

    24 Aug 2010

  • Shouldn’t baby below 1yrs old take sugar n salt… n y sugar is in the recipes?hmmm…. can anyone answer to my question?

    12 Aug 2010

  • Can anyone help me? I’ve tried twice to make this and have followed the instructions to a T. Mine looks like the milk is curdling and never looks creamy. What am I doing wrong?

    27 Jul 2010

  • OMG - my 13month boy loves this- I put apricots.  just want to double check it this okay to freeze?

    02 Jul 2010

  • my baby is 8 months and a half and she s not a big milk feeder, so i m defo doing that one! looks yum!

    11 May 2010

  • I did the same!  :-)  But I changed the caster sugar to brown sugar, which gives it an almost caramel taste, and I also added some cinnamon.  My son loves it, Daddy too and I am guilty at having stolen one frozen portion too!!  :-)

    15 Mar 2010

  • I made this but made twice the amount, there was enough for a big bowl each for mummy & daddy, some for baby and enough for 4 pots in the freezer.
    Easy & Tasty!

    14 Jan 2010

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