Fruity Chicken with Apricot Puree


Babies like the combination of chicken and fruit. Dried apricots are one of nature's great health foods. They are a good source of betacarotene, iron and potassium and the drying process increases their concentration. They also make great finger food, This is good by itself or you can mix with 4 tablespoons of cooked rice or pasta.

6 minutes
25 minutes
Best for
3 portions
Suitable for freezing

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  • A bit on the runny side but my boy seemed to really enjoy it and because he’s a piggy I got 4 portions out of it. Might try letting it simmer with the lid off next time to see of it makes it less watery.

    19 Mar 2012

  • my baby loved this one..left out onion and added potato carrot and parsnip with sweet potato and was yummy!!

    05 Dec 2010

  • My DS loves the sweetness of this dish. Thank you Ms Karmel
    : )

    06 Jun 2010

  • Annabel - I love you! My 9m old until now has refused meat or veg and this is the recipe that has cracked it - Thank you!!!

    07 Apr 2010

  • My 8mnth old son loved this dish, I rather enjoyed it myself. Good one for freezing. Thanks Annabel

    26 Mar 2010

  • My son at 7 months loved this dish!
    15 Jan 2010

  • made this for my 6 month old and she just loved it. Best reaction to a puree yet. It’s delicious. :)

    27 Jan 2009

  • Made this today for my little boy, easy and simple to do and it went down a treat!

    06 Nov 2008

  • My son absolutely loves this, it’s really tasty!

    24 Sep 2008

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