Chicken and Apple Balls


This is a great favourite with my family. Grated apple adds a delicious flavour to these chicken balls, which makes them appealing to young children, and they are tasty hot or cold.

You can freeze them after they have been cooked. You can then re heat in the microwave.

Chicken and Apple Balls
5 minutes
10 minutes
Best for
20 mini balls
Suitable for freezing

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  • These Chicken & Apple Balls are delicious! So easy to make & freeze well to have later for Lunch, Dinner or a snack. My 1 year old demolishes them every single time! And I recently made them for my Nephew is an extremely fussy eater who also loved them! I often double the ingrediants & make a bulk lot for freezing! Delicious!

    01 Jun 2016

  • I love these and so do my kids who are very fussy eaters. Easy to make. :) Thank you for this recipe will be using this in the future.
    Thank you
    Terri x

    12 Jan 2016

  • Alright miss sarcastic Mellie123! I don’t think it’s a silly question about cooked or raw chicken because there’s no way you can cook them through from raw in 5 minutes! I will use chicken mince in future because it’s way too messy putting raw chicken in a food processor, and a hygiene risk in my opinion. They were very tasty though!

    08 Dec 2015

  • How do most people defrost these??

    24 Nov 2015

  • I used ground chicken.  Baby loves these so much!

    28 Oct 2015

  • So tasty! I added some grated carrot and zucchini to the mix too. Winner in our house =)

    31 Jul 2015

  • Could this recipe be done with ground chicken???  I am not sure why the chicken breast need to be chopped versus just getting ground chicken to mix in.

    23 Jul 2015

  • step 3… Mix the apple with the chicken, then add the cooked and remaining raw onion,

    18 Jul 2015

  • When do you add the cooked onion?! Doesn’t say anything apart from to cook it!h

    14 Jul 2015

  • If you need to ask whether or not the chicken should be raw or cooked (obviously raw) or how long they can be kept in the fridge once cooked then you probably should just stick to buying Annabels frozen meals.
    Come on guys,

    07 Jul 2015

  • Does anyone have any ideas what to serve with these? My baby is 11 months old. Thank you

    25 Jun 2015

  • It says they’re suitable for freezing but how long can they be kept in the fridge once cooked???

    13 Apr 2015

  • It’s raw chicken I use

    23 Mar 2015

  • Hi girls ;)
    I use raw minced chicken and then mix everything together

    05 Mar 2015

  • And it doesn’t say anything about adding the sage or thyme

    03 Mar 2015

  • Yes I’m wondering same exact thing about the chicken . It doesn’t say whether it should be raw or
    Cooked when you add it to the food processor

    03 Mar 2015

  • Is it safe to freeze these and cook them from frozen or do they need to be defrosted first?

    05 Feb 2015

  • The recipe should clarify whether the chicken should be cooked before adding to the food processor - lots of questions here.

    04 Feb 2015

  • I know this might sound daft but do you cook the bread crumbs with the rest of the mixture?  or do you just put them in the food processor with the mixture?

    01 Feb 2015

  • I cook the chicken first to ensure there are no raw bits - just something I do as I am funny with chicken. I then process the mix, roll into balls and cook in coconut oil. Doesn’t take very long as the chicken is already cooked. My kids 6 & 2 can’t get enough of them.

    18 Jan 2015

  • Is the chicken raw or cooked? 5 minutes doesn’t sound long enough for it to cook thoroughly.

    12 Jan 2015

  • Do you cook the chicken before adding it to the apple and onion or add raw chicken??

    05 Jan 2015

  • I added raw chicken and fried on a pan. Just ate one!! Delicious!!

    04 Dec 2014

  • Has anyone used Turkey mince instead of chicken???

    02 Nov 2014

  • Does the chicken have to be cooked first when u mix it with the grated Apple or do you just add it raw?

    29 Oct 2014

  • Fussy toddler loves these, won’t eat meat any other way. We have started adding grated raw cauliflower to mix before forming into balls too to get extra veg in, tastes great. We shallow fry and then freeze, can then be oven heated from frozen in about 15-20 mins at about 180. Brilliant!

    28 Oct 2014

  • Hi. Keen to bake these in the oven than fry. What oven temp and how long please?

    18 Aug 2014

  • Hi Carlson1, If you need you can add a little oil to stop them sticking to a baking tray or you can just bake them without. AK Team

    AK Team
    12 Aug 2014

  • Hi OlgaMakarenko, Try making smaller size balls or baking them in the oven for slightly longer. AK Team

    AK Team
    12 Aug 2014

  • Mine didn’t turn out well. I tried to fry and to oven bake them. They were quite raw inside I thought. The oven baked ones were slightly better.

    09 Aug 2014

  • Made these yesterday for my fussy 2 yr old & my hubby. We all loved them and she ate them all up. Very yummy & froze a batch too.

    04 May 2014

  • When you bake these do you add any oil to the baking tray or just put them in as they are?

    26 Apr 2014

  • Just baked these in the oven at 180 F for 10 minutes then turned them for another 5 minutes. taste great!

    02 Apr 2014

  • Just tried these tonight. I omitted the chicken stock and added 1 egg to the mixture and I baked them instead of frying. I baked them at 375F for 30-45 mins depending on size of the balls. They turned out great. I will definitely be making these again!

    02 Apr 2014

  • My stubborn 2 year old absolutely loves these. I struggle to get him to eat anything apart from chicken nuggets and fish fingers. These are a fantastic alternative. I have a big batch in my freezer.

    19 Mar 2014

  • Has anyone ever cooked these in the oven rather than frying them? I love them as does my LO but find the frying a nightmare!

    24 Feb 2014

  • My LO loves these (and so does hubbie!). I expect you could use minced chicken instead of using a food processor if you prefer.  You make them with raw chicken, then cook - was also wondering if they would be ok baked - will try a few in the oven next time. I always cook before freezing because I use previously frozen chicken to make them, so that cannot be re-frozen until cooked. They taste just as good once re-heated.

    11 Feb 2014

  • my little boy is nearly 1 and a half and i was wondering do i still have 2 use processor 2 do these as i haven’t used it since he turned 1

    30 Jan 2014

  • Has anyone ever baked these? Or some combination of baking and frying?

    24 Jan 2014

  • I have the same question - it does NOT specify if the chicken should be already cooked or not before adding to the food processor?

    07 Jan 2014

  • Easy to make and great for the whole family

    07 Jan 2014

  • I just made these and it tastes great. I didn’t use the chicken stock and used chicken thigh instead of breast and chopped into finer pieces. Really moist and my nine month old girl finally eat her food without fuss.

    07 Jan 2014

  • I made them up and froze them raw, in lots of 4. This way I can thaw them and cook fresh. I find reheating cooked meat - chicken especially - makes it dry and chewy.

    02 Dec 2013

  • !You can freeze them after they have been cooked. You can then re heat in the microwave!

    Great! Thanksx

    25 Nov 2013

  • I made these for my daughter (10 months) last night and she loved them! My husband and I loved them as well. We omitted the chicken cube stock and they were still delicious.

    18 Nov 2013

  • Seriously?

    “You can freeze them after they have been cooked. You can then re heat in the microwave.”

    its in the recipe header busy moms :)!

    14 Nov 2013

  • Since other mums here have the same question i.e freezing them raw or cooked, how come there is still no answer to this question?

    11 Nov 2013

  • IS the chicken suppose to be raw or cooked?

    02 Nov 2013

  • A huge hit with my toddler served with tzatziki and salad…..oh and my husband loved them too!

    27 Oct 2013

  • I’m thinking just freeze them after cooking so all you have to do later is warm them up .. just my thought though :)  I’ll try it and see - I’m making them today

    12 Oct 2013

  • When is it best to freeze them, cooked or uncooked? How would you recommend reheating them?

    06 Oct 2013

  • If you were to freeze them would you recommend doing when cooked or raw?

    24 Aug 2013

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