Baked Potato Mice


A great recipe for turning a baked potato into a delicious mouth watering treat….

It’s  really important to involve children in cooking from an early age. They can help scoop out the potato flesh, mix in the ingredients and mash it all together . Children will love helping you decorate these to look like mice.

Butternut squash is very rich in vitamin A which is important for healthy skin, eyesight and fighting infection.  Just 150g provides approximately 300% of your vitamin A needs for the day.

Another good nutritious  filling for baked potatoes is to mash the  potato with a little mayonnaise, milk and grated Cheddar and then mix in a little sweetcorn, tuna and chopped spring onion.

Baked Potato Mice
35 minutes
60 minutes
Best for
4 baked potatoes

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Potato Mice


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  • help my son is so fussy eat at diner time he only eat chips if i give him fishfinger he just eat the breadcrumb he dose eat after food

    11 Jan 2014

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