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Default Pnd



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Firstly, Huge hugs huns xxxx

I'm going to tell you what many others have told me, there is nothing to feel ashamed about going to see your GP about this. I had my 1st breakdown just before my eldest turned 1 (about 2 years ago), I had been feeling down for a while and my marriage was breaking down - I was 24 at the time. It took to me having a mental breakdown at work for me to go and see my GP (was ashamed of going and feeling like they would cricticise (sp) me. It was what was needed. I poured my heart and cried in my appointment. He arranged for my HV to start visiting me. A few days later though my marriage ended, I felt like I hit rock bottom. I went back to my GP and I was prescribed AntiDs and sleeping tablets. My GP also referred for counseling and signed me off work. It took alot to get out of that hole and I realised talking to someone, even a stranger helped me alot.
Recently, I've been back to my GP due to insomnia and feeling so low (there is a thread about it all in 'Having a bad day) and I have been prescribed sleeping tablets to see if helping ease the insomnia will help my feelings. I am due to go for a review in just over a week.
Please if you feel you must then go and see your GP, and if you have to take your children. My eldest used to come with me most of the time when I first suffered, in a way I felt a little more at ease - like she was my rock. GPs will judge you, they are there to help.
And remember, we are here if you want to rant or just talk.
These lovely ladies have helped through alot in the past couple of years and I feel comfortable and relaxed just coming on here chatting for a couple of hours a day.
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Hugs honey.

I had quite bad Pnd with my first, it's a good step to actually acknowledging it is what it is. I can only speak from my own experience. I had lots of factors contributing to mine. I gradually made steps, baby steps to getting my-self in a different frame of mind. It may not work for every-one but I got my-self out every-day - even a walk to the shops/chat with someone/any-one - I literally used to chat to the old dears about the cream buns on offer (you probably will think I am nuts). I'd start little projects for me, almost an art therapy type of healing process. I took up pottery, something that I did for a good few years. I started to try and put back into my-self as much as I was giving out. Its hard because children and family come first all day every-day its so easy to get weighed down. I'd indulge in something to look forward to. I had a good few sites I'd visit too, that really helped. There is a section on you tube under the brave girls club, I find my-self listening to their little inspirational videos when you're a bit blue.
Each day really is a gift, you just have to untie the ribbons...hugs
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