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CrystalWriter 27-01-12 12:47

Aunt of 4 kids needs food help

I'm an aunt to four children, ages are 11yrs, 2yrs, 10mth & 10wks.

My mother looks after the kids whilst one sister works and the other takes her eldest swimming in the morning. So we have the 10mth three & half days a week, and all three one day a week, then the 11yr after school.

My problem is this, my mother is still buying & giving the 10mth puree food. As you can guess my sister is not happy and complains at me. As my mother is not listening to what is being asked by herself, Me or my other sister. But she isn't that forthcoming with what her daughter can eat

So to save my sanity & my relationship with my sister (we can push each other buttons extremely well), I've decided that when my mother is on holiday the week after next, I'm gonna start a proper meal plan, which hopefully will be in place by the time my mother returns from her two week holiday. Therefore in theory it should be kept to

But I'm getting seriously confused as to what to give and what not to give. As all my other sister says is to talk to her and ask, as she doesn't want to get involved (Thanks Sis)

There's only two out of the three days which I'll have time to make the tea ready to give, the 11yr has skating after school and I only have 1hr in which to organise him doing homework, making sure he changes, and the 1yr properly dressed for sitting around an ice rink, and feed.

Also it will be nice to have age approiate food on the day we have all three round.

Thanks for reading my rant, and thanks for any help you can give

cathyg 30-01-12 23:11

not sure of your family situation, but sounds like you are doing your sister a huge favour is taking care of all her kids several time a week. if she's not happy with the food you/your mum is giving the 10 month old, she ought to tell you what to give her or at least provide you with the food she wants her to eat. there are lots of ready made meals for 10 month old is the supermarket, more lumpy more textures etc, or ready made pasta sauces etc. perhaps get your sister to supply a few of those to give a try. sounds like you've got your hands full already without having this pressure put onto. Sorry if i should be bit harsh, but i don't feel people who do favours ought then to be criticised. :scared:

CrystalWriter 08-04-12 12:22

Thanks for your response. Sorry I am late in replying.

An update.
I've managed to feed age related food to my nieces & nephew. I prepare food in the morning, before my mother returns from the shops with my niece. Therefore all that needs to be done is re-heat. Or I have everything measured & prepared ready to cook. So it really cuts the time down.

Plus on the day the three youngest are around. we have simply lunch, and have a little baking session to have our lunchtime cakes or biscuits. With the 2yr, which she throughly enjoys

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