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Crying weening advice needed!

Hi all mummies, daddies & guardians,
I would like some help or advice as my daughter is 4months & 1 week old but... this may sound mad... has gone off her milk! She doesn't seem to want her milk but is more interested in what we are eating. She has not got colic and is on lactose free milk due to lactose intolerance and this milk has seemed to be fine for a few weeks. My mum, who's a nurse, advised trying baby rice for the times she doesn't want milk, but she didn't want this either. However, she will happily eat a pear puree or try and eat my banana when I am eating it! Is she ready to ween? Or would you advise anything else? I tried cutting out the bottle she doesn't want but she is hungry, though she won't take it even when she is hungry
My health visitors don't seem to care that she won't take it as she is putting on the weight (though this weight gain may be something to do with the bottle replacement of pear puree!) It is a constant struggle, and has been for about 3 weeks, getting my baby to take the milk for her feeds, it is getting very tiring as feed time is now becoming a constant battle. She also has started waking in the night, which she hasn't done since she was 6 weeks old!!! Help please!!!
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hi my little girl was the act same round about that time. Her interest in milk went but was feeding every 2 to 2 1/2hours, and her weight gained slowed down, waking in the night, runie nappies.
So i decided to start weaning on puree foods first just a little breakfast in the morning for a week or so with bottle first, then as she wanted more i then introduced some sweet potatoes, apples, pear, avocados, carrots just a small amount around her 3rd bottle classing this as her tea time.
I did find thou that she ended up consipated so this was off putting but we managed to get her through that n shes much happier feeds every 4 hours weigh is back to normal n gaining nicely she sleeps normally again and she loves a little taste of different puree foods.
Shes now 5 and half months it was very scary at first but you'll get the confidence from some where.
Hope it helps but we all have our worries at first i still do some times but you have to start somewhere.
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although the advice is not to start weaning til 6 months, plenty of people start before then, especially if the baby starts to wake in the night again - most likely hungry. i weaned at 16 weeks, coz he was so hungry, & never looked back, he did still take the bottle but once a good few meals were under his belt, a bottle was dropped. so long as still putting on weight & getting milk (its still the main food source til age 1), its fine. The AK meal planner book was my bible. its really helpful in the early stages.
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