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October 14 2008

Finance Minister Brian Lenihan has been delivering his Budget 2009 speech this evening in the Dail.

The minister said the government would protect the most vulnerable in society with an increase in pensions.

"I am happy to announce the full personal rate of the state pension will be increased by €7 per week for all pensioners," he said.

"This will bring the state contributary pension to €230.30, and the state non-contributary pension to €219 per week."

Conversely, Minister Lenihan announced cuts in child benefit payments.

"Child benefit payment will cease for 18-year-olds from January 2010, and will be halved for that group to €83 per month from the first of January next," the minister confirmed.

"However, welfare recipients, including those on family income supplement will be compensated through appropriate adjustments to their support payments.

He added: "Early childcare supplements will cease at five and a half years of age."
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