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Default Beef casserole - slow cooker recipe

I made this today and it was a big hit! Sorry my measurements are not exact!


1 pack of brasing steak - cut into cubes
Some flour (seasoned with a little salt and pepper if required)
2 small potatoes - peeled and cut into chuncks
2 Carrots - peeled and cut into chunks
1 swede - peeled and cut into chunks
Beef stock
wholegrain mustard
Bay leaf
1 onion - chopped

Firstly, coat the beef with the flour and set aside. Fry the onion in a little olive oil until soft then add the beef until browned, add the beef stock, stir and add the wholegrain mustard (I used 2 teaspoons), and the bay leaf. Then pour mixture into the slow cooker. Add the chopped veg (you may need to add more stock at this point, so there is enough liquid to just about cover the ingredients. Stir and leave to cook on low until all is tender. If the gravy is too thin, add a little cornflour to thicken.

Hope I explained that OK - I served with some savoy cabbage, so Dominic got 3 servings of veg, but crusty bread would also be nice or even some dumplings.


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